Hunted Cow Studios

I have been working at Hunted Cow Studios since April 2021 as a Junior Unity Developer. We develop mobile and PC games, including Operation New Earth and Warhammer Chaos & Conquest.

You can find more information at the games website here: https://www.huntedcow.com/

Biscuit Sandwich Games

I was one of the founding members of Biscuit Sandwich Games, a company that was set up to develop Ready Set Sumo! which was our winning submission for Tranzfuser 2019. It was in development until late 2020 when we had to cancel the project. 

Ready Set Sumo pits up to four players and their crazy characters against each other to triumph in the ring. Battle to be the last one standing as you fight your way to victory, whacking and thwacking each other with out of this world weapons.

Seeking Arrow

Skills Used: Unity, C#, Steering Behaviours
After watching guardians of the galaxy 2, I decided to make a seeking arrow in an attempt to make an interactive version of the one from the movie. I added it to a 3rd person controller with a gun, the arrow is able to pick a target and navigate to it without the user having to steer it. The arrow is activated when the user presses or holds a key. When the arrow is not in use it will hover by the players side ready to attack again.
More Information

You can find the demo here on itch.io: https://elliot-chester.itch.io/arrow-demo

C++ Projects

Skills Used: C++, AI, OpenGL
I have created a repository showing off some of the C++ projects that I have worked on over the past couple of years. These projects demonstrate my ability to write C++ code. These projects also had me learning about AI (Pathfinding, finite state machines, behaviour trees, and steering behaviours) aswell as working with OpenGL, with GLUT, GLEW, SFML and SDL.

You can find the repository here on Github: https://github.com/ElliotChester/Portfolio

I have also written blogposts for my AI and graphics assignments here:
AI: https://www.elliotchester.co.uk/2018/01/ai-assignment-1.html
Graphics: https://www.elliotchester.co.uk/2018/01/graphics-assignments.html

AI Project

Skills Used: C++, Pathfinding, Steering Behaviours
The was an assignment in university that required me to implement pathfinding, steering behaviours and a finite state machine into a single project. I themed my project on a plane moving between airports, the plane uses pathfinding to find its way around the clouds and avoid the storm clouds.
More Information

You can find the project here on github: https://github.com/ElliotChester/Portfolio

Texture Transition Shader

Skills Used: Unity, Shaders, C#
While thinking about what I would do for my dissertation, I decided that I'd like to look into creating shaders. This is my first attempt at a shader that I could use in games in the future. It allows you to transition between 2 textures or colours on a model.
More Information

You can try the shader here on itch.io: https://elliot-chester.itch.io/texture-transition-shader

I have more projects on my itch.io page, most of which have playable demos: https://elliot-chester.itch.io/

If you would like to see more of the projects I have worked on, you can view my blog here: http://www.elliotchester.co.uk/blog

I also post about some of my work on my twitter here: @Elliot_Chester_